Fine Piano Tuning, Expert Piano Repairs, Valued Improvements, Piano Appraisals... Matthias Rom is a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild and has been serving Artists, Teachers, Students, and Music Lovers since 1982. To experience a finely tuned piano, please give me a call. Serving Thunder Bay, Northwestern and Northeastern Ontario. You can call 345-5501 or Toll Free: 1-877-YES-TUNE (937-8863) Piano Tuning, Piano Repairs, Piano Improvements, Appraisals, Reconditioning, Rebuilding, Restoring, Regulating, Voicing.

Pianoworks Piano Tuning, Repair & Service

Thank you for visiting This is the first incarnation of the MyPianoWorks Website. Some of the objectives of this website are to inform you about my services, help to educate about keeping your piano in good working order, to offer a way of communicating with via email, to make announcements, to offer automated scheduling of appointments, to help you to support musical education through piano study for your children and yourself.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions, requests for service or suggestions for improvements. Depending on the volume of email, I will respond within a day or two..

Some Of Our Piano Services

Piano Tuning: This is the main service piano owners need to keep their piano sounding as good as it can.

Piano Repairs: The Piano is a complex musical instrument that allows the player not only to play notes and rhythm, but to express their musical feelings in their infinite variety. Occasionally keys may stick, strings may break, internal parts may break or malfunction. Many small repairs are included when the piano is tuned

Piano Improvements: The way your piano feels and sounds is not only dependant on the type or quality of your piano, but on the condition of its operating system. The action of a piano can have as many as 8000 or more parts that work together to give the pianist almost infinite control over the sound that is produced. Just like on your car, the mechanical ststem of your piano requires some adjustment and maintenance once in awhile.

Piano Appraisals: When you are buying a used piano, it is more important now than ever to educate yourself on how to screen your prospective piano and if it passes your screening to call a qualified piano technician to inspect it before you buy it.